Why Buy & Use Our Natural Soap

Our soaps are natural and luxurious. They will support your skin to return to a beautiful soft and supple state. You will notice the difference from the first use. We add love and quality ingredients that need to be in the soap, we don't take out the goodness or add unnecessary or nasty ingredients.


My only wish is that I started using it earlier, I could have delayed the onset of my wrinkles! Even so the appearance of my wrinkles has reduced since using natural soap on my face along with the disappearance of the snake skin on my legs and the cracks on my feet have disappeared.


My customers agree. Many of my customers who swore they would never use soap again or thought they would rather spend a little less and buy commercial soap have all been back to buy more and won't use anything else. They also notice how soft their skin has become and no longer look for exfoliants in the soap because they don't need it anymore. They also report significant improvement in eczema and psoriasis symptoms as well as a reduction in ingrown hairs.

They are so pleased to have reduced their expenditure on expensive face creams, cleansers and other types of lotions and treatments to combat dry and problem skin across their whole body. 

Our soap is not just for nanna or hippies, although they will both still enjoy it. While we do make a range of classics we have taken our soap collection a generation past the old aromatherapy style smells to match the interest and emotive response we get from our love of great food and beautiful things.

We know you will enjoy the same benefits and love our scents once you start using our soaps and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

New travelsoaps. These creamy cuties can be kept in the pastic resealable tub they were poured in.
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