Our Soap Making Process

I usually make my soap after dinner, with the help of my gorgeous young son. He was most impressed when I ordered an infrared thermometer, and he loves to report on the temperature of everything!

All of our soaps are handcrafted from quality ingredients, and are made using the cold process method. We stick to a very basic recipe that is gentle and nourishing on the skin, has a soft and luxurious lather and is hard enough to last well in the shower. We also make a goats milk soap for those with extra dry and sensitive skin.


As well as being made with the highest quality natural ingredients, our soap is also made with love. The studio overlooks our beautiful property, our pony Flossy is usually standing nearby watching what we are doing, and as the sun sets, the resident kangaroos venture up as well.

And it's fun. Developing a lovely scent, chasing the perfect pour (when trying to get soap into a mould, there are many variables that can make it challenging!) or achieving a really consistent cut of the soap log, keeps drawing me back to the studio to make more. We hope you enjoy our products, and get the same amount of goodness out of them, that we put into them.

No these are not gold bullions they are beautiful new shea and cocoa butter soaps. Scented with sweet orange, litsea cubeba (lemoney) and patchouli. They are called CItrus Burst Butter Bars. Palm oil free and so moisturising as a soap.
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