Honey & Oat Gift Box

Honey & Oat Gift Box


Honey & Oat

This soap is scent free with the added softness of goats milk to further nourish and soothe your skin. Honey adds antibacterial properties with a slight sweet scent and the heart warming fine oats offer a gentle exfoliation.


This soap has beenmade in a cupcake mould, embellished with a ladybug for extra cuteness and boxed into a rustic papier mache box with a lid. Makes a perfect little gift for all occassions. 


Great for sensitive and dry skin and those looking for some gentle exfoliation.


100g in the box


All soaps are hand poured, handcut and then lovingly packaged. The edges are shaved from each soap so it is gentle against your body from the first use. No colours are added to the soaps. They vary in colour from cream through to brown due to the fragrances added. Each bar will have some variation.


    We want you to be happy with your product and enjoy using our soaps as much as we do. Please contact us to discuss your concern with the product. If there is a product fault we will happily refund you or provide you with alternate product.


    Australia Post will be used for all shipping. We ship Australia wide. If you are outside of Australia, please contact us to discuss.


    Please provide feedback if your product does not arrive in good order so we can review the shipping method and/or packaging.


    You can pick up soaps by appointment. Make a note during your check out and we will contact you to arrange a pick up time.


    All soaps weigh between 125 - 140g. The variation is due to the hand cutting and the curing processes.


    The goats milk with honey and oats are made in a different mould so they do not need to be cut. This is due to the addition of fine oats which can make hand cutting more difficult.

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