Our Story

Over the years I have bought so many products and spent so much time trying to adequately moisturise my often dry and flaky skin. Then I discovered that I was causing the issue myself by using commercially made soaps!

So I decided to start making my own soap, with the best, most natural ingredients, to really nurture my skin and make me feel wonderful.


Robyn Green (owner of Robyn's Soap House), who is a very well regarded and experienced soap maker, taught me how to make the products my body really needed and would love.

The inspiration to share my handcrafted soap was born from our family Christmas tradition to make, bake, sew or grow something to exchange with my siblings rather than something bought from a shop.

My family and friends were delighted with my handcrafted soap gifts. They recognised how much better their skin felt after using it, and were grateful to be free of the chemicals and additives in the commercially made soaps they'd been using.

If you love natural, handcrafted things, nurturing yourself, and avoiding harmful chemicals, then we think you will love the soaps we make.

Please have a look over our product menu and select your type - or live on the edge and let us pack you a random selection to try!

Soap drying in rack
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