Natural Deodorant

Our winning ultra and sensitive natural deodorants are formulated using a combination of shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, natural bicarb soda (for the ultra) or tapioca starch (for the sensitive), bentonite clay and a delightfully smelling special combination of antibacterial essential oils.

The oils provide the glide for application as well as keeps the deodorant power in place through out the day, even when swimming.

The beeswax helps to solidify the formulation so that it can be applied from a clean and convenient twist tube along with the well known antibacterial properties of beeswax.

The bicarb or the tapioca prevents the mix being too oily and staining clothes, it is also the key drying ingredient for the arm pits, whisking wetness away and trapping it in.

The bentonite clay provides an ongoing detox under your arm pits, this is especially important after the use of commercial deodorants but also the armpits are close to many lymph glands and the ongoing application of bentonite clay will provide continuing detox. 

The combination of sage, tea tree and lemon myrtle essential oils not only provide a beautiful, spring clean aroma, they are also highly regarded for their antibacterial properties and hence control any odour. Citrol in lemon myrtle essential oil is a contraindication for pregnancy, so check before use.

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