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Lip Balm & Solid Moisturiser Massage Bars

Our lip balms and solid moisturiser bars are made from high quality moisture rich ingredients.

Lip Balm

Made from a combination of shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax our lip balms provide the perfect protection from the elements and conditions that can dry our lips. It also soothes and hydrates lips that are dry and cracked.

It is important not to overuse lip balm as it can prevent the natural shedding process of the lips, which when lips are in good condition occurs without us noticing.  Use lip balm to protect and heal. 

Solid Moisturiser Massage Bars

These bars have been my most surprising creation to date. I have extremely dry skin and since I had the ingredients to produce a solid moisturiser, I gave it a try. I have found that it provides over 24 hour hydration. It is also excellent to treat eczema. The shea butter, jojoba and olive oil all provide strong hydrating and nourishing power however with the inclusion of the beeswax this bar also provides a protective layer trapping the moisture in and keeping the elements out. 

These bars stay solid, even in warmer weather. They last well because they are solid product and not whipped and filled with air or broken down with water or alcohol. To apply, rub the bar directly onto your skin. Can also be used to massage without the mess or cold oils running everywhere. 

Solid Moisturiser Massage Bars for Babies

I have used the same gentle base ingredients as above however I have made an unscented and a French Lavender version in cute baby shapes as pictured. Unscented for the most sensitive application and French Lavender to calm and soothe babies, especially at night before bed. Can be applied directly by rubbing on the baby or rub the bar in your hands and then rub your hands onto the baby.

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