Frequently Asked Questions

Why handcrafted soaps?

Our soaps are made from natural oils. The only additives are essential oils or fragrance oils. Glycerine, which attracts water to your skin to help retain moisture, is retained within our soap, unlike commercially produced soaps, where the glycerine is removed and sold.


It's easy spend a lot on products like make up, face cleanser, lip balm, moisturiser and eye creams that all really just mask our skin and its real needs. We then happily pick up a cheaper commercially manufactured soap to wash the largest organ on our body, the skin, every day!

Handcrafted soaps love your skin, and you will instantly notice the difference. In just a few weeks you will realise how much less exfoliation, moisturiser and picking of ingrown hairs you require! You can also use it on your face, and there is so much more variety in the type of soap you can select.

Are the soaps natural?

The soaps are all made with great quality, high grade, natural ingredients; olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, goat's milk and essential oils. Fragrance oils are added to some of the soaps, all of the fragrance oils high quality, body safe are phthalate free. If you are concerned please select a soap that has no scent or only uses essential oils or contact us to assist you in your selection if you're unsure.

How do you care for and use handcrafted soaps?

Soaps should be kept on a soap holder to keep them dry when not in use. If they're left in water they will turn mushy and won't last as long.

We recommend you alternate between using a shower scrunchy to lather your soap and wash your body and using the soap directly on your skin. This will give a good balance of light exfoliation as your skin softens following the use of handcrafted soaps.

How should I store my handcrafted soaps?

All of our soaps come with lovely scents, however these can fade overtime. It's best not to store more than what you might use in a 6 month time period.


You should also keep them out of direct sunlight before they're in use, which means you can tuck them into linen cupboards, into spare towels or clothing drawers to lightly scent these areas while the soaps are waiting to be used. Just don't forget where you put them!


There are no preservatives in any of our soaps. 

Why is there a white powder on my handcrafted soap?

Sometimes there may be a thin white powder on your handcrafted soap called soda ash. There are a few different theories on why it may form on the soap however it is completely harmless and will wash off when the soap is used.

Why doesn't my handcrafted soap smell very much?

All of the soap is air dried for at least 4 weeks before it's packaged for use. During this time the fragrance on the outer most layer may fade. When you use or wet the soap, the fragrance will be completely refreshed.

Unlike most commercially produced soaps, no fillers are added to our soaps to hold the fragrance. 

What size are the soaps?

Most of the soaps are made in a long log mould which is then hand cut. They're usually around 7 x 8 x 2.5cm and weigh between 125-140g (most are bigger but 125g is the minimum) when they're first cut. As they cure the weight and size can reduce a little as they dry out.

The goat's milk with honey and oats are always made in individual log moulds (~8.5x4.5x3.5cm) as this soap doesn't slice as nicely with the fine oats in it. They weigh approx 130g when they are unmoulded.


We also include complimentary hand soaps in random scents for you to enjoy or share with every order. 

Do handcrafted soaps make good gifts?

Handcrafted soaps are a very affordable and luxurious way to send a message to someone (especially when compared to flowers, wine or chocolates, none of which last and are all considerably more expensive and less personal) or as a gift to yourself.


There is a soap style for everyone. Soap can say "I Love You", "Thank You", "Good Luck", "Happy House Warming", "With Sympathy", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Mother's Day', "Happy Father's Day", "Merry Christmas", "Get Well", "Happy Easter", Happy Anniversary" and can even be used as a Wedding Bonbonniere (wrap can be customised to your theme), or a gift for a teacher, employee or guest. The list is endless.


Spoil yourself or your loved ones with an individual soap or choose one of our gift packs. Please contact us to discuss personalising and/or adding to gift packs.

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