Cold Process Soap

Cold process soaps are made by mixing lye and oils together, which creates a chemical reaction called saponification that transforms the mixture to soap. Our recipe includes 50% olive oil for softness on the skin, 25% coconut oil for its luxurious lather and 25% sustainable palm oil for its hardness to make the soap last. We also add additional oil to ensure that our soaps don't have any leftover lye.

Most of the soaps have a food related fragrance because they are the type we love and we think there is one to suit everyone. However, we are open to trying new things based on feedback from our soap connoisseurs! Please contact us with any of your own ideas you would like us to help you create.


Most of our oils are Brambleberry (famous US supplier and home of the soap queen), whilst others are sourced from several other highly reputable sources.

All our soaps are hand poured, hand-cut, with the edges shaved to ensure they're gentle against your body from the first use, then lovingly packaged. No colours are added to the soaps, they naturally vary from cream through to brown, depending on the fragrances added. Each bar will have some variation due to their individual creation process and cut.

All of our soaps a vegan except for the Goat's Milk & Honey Oat Goat's Milk.

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