Bath Bombs

While soap and salt therapy have been our core focus we are asked many times about bath bombs. So we have responded and yes we understand their gorgeous novelty value. Like with all of our products we have kept what customers love about the bath bomb and applied our philosophy of taking out what's no good and creating a product with only body loving essential ingredients remaining.


Importantly like our other salt therapy products, no starch fillers are added to our bath bombs. Starch fillers can often be the source of yeast imbalances for many women.


Our bath bombs are made from organic sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, natural epsom salt, jojoba oil or cocoa butter, fragrance or essential oils.

We make our bath bombs in limited editions or to order, so they are not added to the shop.

If you are looking for bath bombs, please check our gallery to see what we have made and our instagram account @heavenlyhandcraftedsoaps to see what is listed as available. 


Otherwise contact us directly so that we can confirm what we have in stock or how we can supply your custom requirement.


Cutesy heart shaped rose scented bath bombs
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