Our Soap Maker

In my old life I worked in very senior roles for large Australian and International companies. I have two Masters degrees and a Bachelor degree. Once I had children, I was lucky to be able to choose to leave that life and focus my time on our family.

It was during the very difficult process of trying to get pregnant with my second child that I really opened my eyes and discovered a lot about health, and creating a healthy home environment. I changed many things in my life to support my own health and wellbeing and I saw the positive impact it also had on my family. 

Creating my own natural soaps has been a continuation of that health journey. I have focused on wholesome eating to take care of what is on the inside and am now complimenting that with taking care of what is on the outside. 

Nadia Schoner with her son, her dog Rosie and Pony Flossy
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